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BB Extensions 101

Transform your look with Bridal Butterflies professional grade of clip-in 100% european hair extensions. Indeed, we've spent a long time analyzing other brands to originate our own, made of the highest quality double drawn 100% Remy Human Hair. It is silky, tangle-free, and thick from top to bottom. We are a direct to consumer company and pass on the savings to you.  It only takes minutes to apply, and seconds to remove. They are easy to conceal, even with thin hair, and work great with short hair as well. 


What is Double-Drawn Hair?

“Double-Drawn” refers to hair extensions that have been sorted through more than twice, to ensure that every strand is of the same exact length. This makes the hair have the least amount of breakage, and more valuable. This is a lengthy process, and not one that many hair extension brands take the time to go through. 

What is Remy  Hair?

Remy is the highest grade of human hair extensions. It means that the cuticles of the hair have been carefully sorted through to ensure they all run in the same direction. The strands have not been stripped, like most non-Remy extensions are. The cuticles have been preserved to create the most natural look, and keeps the hair from tangling. Because the cuticles run in the same direction, there is less chance that the strands of hair will snag, and cause tangling. Imagine trying to run your hand across a fur rug. When you run your hand across the rug in the right direction, the feeling is smooth, and easy. When you run your hand in the opposite direction, there is resistance, and with human hair, it can be a mess. This is similar to the way cuticles run on human hair.

Non-Remy hair products are usually put together with the left-over hair, that is in the floor after cutting from the donor. Our Remy quality makes the hair more expensive, and of the highest quality because of the time and care put into the product. It ensures the extensions will stay natural-looking, healthy, shiny and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.


How to care for your BB extensions:

  •   Brushing your hair extensions between every single wear with a wig/extension brush is extremely important for proper care of your extensions. 
  • You may color dye your extensions, because they are human hair. We usually don’t recommend it, and we strongly urge you to find your correct color instead. Because it is human hair, we can not guarantee you will achieve the desired results you seek. Just as some may be able to dye their own hair a certain color, that color may not work for someone else. Extensions are no different, because they are made of pure human hair. Genetics will play a large role in how the hair behaves. Hair dye is unpredictable, and there are too many dye brands in the world that may have different results.
  • Depending on the usage of the extensions, we advise to only wash them after every 3-4 wears. Hair extensions are not like your natural hair since they do not grow out of your head and collect the natural oils from your scalp. Your extensions will not collect those natural oils, which is what ultimately makes your hair dirty, and oily. A good washing to refresh your extensions from hairsprays and other product build-up is ideal when necessary. Washing on a daily, even weekly basis is not advised.